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Blooming Garden

"Come forth into the light of things,

Let Nature be

your teacher."

—William Wordsworth

Meet Diana & Eat to Evolve!


Greetings! I am a holistic clinical nutritionist, Certified Nutrition Specialist and Level 1 EDIT Certified Eating Disorder Recovery coach. Since 2002, my passion has been helping clients discover body peace, food freedom and digestive health with evidence-based, evolution-appropriate nutrition & lifestyle support.


I offer experienced guidance on therapeutic, paleolithic, traditional and low-carb diets, and can help you design a customized supplement program. If you are struggling with emotional eating, binge eating, sugar addiction or other stressful food/body image behaviors, I can help you navigate a safe path to healing. Core elements of self compassion & acceptance are woven into my client-centered, personalized approach to nutrition therapy.

Natural Medicine
Eat to Evolve™
Nutrition Therapy & Health Coaching
can help address your:
• Clinical Health Concerns

• Digestive Problems
  (IBS & SIBO specialist)

• Eating Psychology &
  Food/Body Relationship

• Food Addiction and Eating

• Nutritional Supplement
  Protocol Optimization

Consultations provided
via telephone or Zoom. Bookings via email:
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