A note from Diana, for those interested in learning a bit more about her food/body journey...


I grew up happily eating a Standard American Diet until 11th grade, when a schoolmate introduced me to raw foods and my life forever changed. I began exploring the raw food diet and other forms of vegetarianism but peak health, happiness and spiritual perfection eluded me. By my late teens, I was developing an eating disorder. It took ten painful years to overcome my ED and it left a parting gift: lifelong digestive issues.

In the late 1990's, I began working alongside of Teri Kerr, MA, RD, a visionary nutritionist who became a beloved mentor. We wrote a book together about her pioneering liver detox program and she supervised my Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) internship. After earning my Master's degree in Human Nutrition, I began my own nutritional counseling practice where I specialized in cleansing diets, raw food detox and weight loss. My clients achieved great results but as time went on, I observed that many did not maintain their progress.


Meanwhile my personal digestive challenges intensified, leading me to search for a solution. I discovered a host of acronyms such as IF, GAPS and FODMAPS that represented relief. I learned how to effectively minimize symptoms of gas and bloating and became an expert in treating IBS and SIBO. But the restrictive diet this entailed, paired with everyday stressful events and life changes, caused certain of my own, archaic patterns of disordered, compulsive and emotional eating to reappear.


Once again, I was called to revisit old dietary belief systems and reset my intention to claim sovereignty over mind and body. Engaging all the tools in my kit—from nutrition, yoga and exercise to psychotherapy, meditation and Jungian studies—I was able to move through this new cycle of challenges and arrive at a more fully integrated, serene and mature relationship with food and my body. I call it Body Peace, and I fully believe it is possible for everyone who wants to do the work of investigating, discovering and honoring their truest, most authentic Self. ❤︎